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BioSEaD, LLC  is focused on services to help science development.  BioSEaD LLC  offers consulting and collaboration in a number of areas including algorithm development for systems pharmacology and physiology, data processing and analysis (EEG, ECG, EMG and other parameters) and educational software development.
Data Processing and Analysis
When conducting physiology and pharmacology studies, its common to collect large quantities of data through telemetry or other methods . We can help you to analyze your data in a timely manner using customized algorithms.
Algorithm development for systems pharmacology and physiology
Depending on the objectives of your research group, you might need to come up with solutions that are not readily available through third party software. We can help you, developing algorithms that will allow mining of large quantities of data such as biopotentials (EEG, EMG, ECG, etc) and extract the features that you have interest.
Data management
Biology and Neuroscience educational software development
Please, give your opinion
We believe that on both life and science, everyone can be open minded. We are open to suggestions to improve our website and business. Please, feel free to contact us if you have questions or opinions to share.
Managing physiology and pharmacology data collected through telemetry  or other methods might be very difficult. We can give you free tips on how to store your big data in an organized fashion, in such a way that it will be easy for you to locate it and analyze it.
We think that science education is the basis for any society. Stimulating people to learn about science can create a future where science is not exclusive of "scientists". Anytime we make valid questions and use the right methods to search for answers we are acting like scientists. We can help you to develop software to create a link between science education, learning and fun in order to stimulate the sense of curiosity among people of all ages.
Who we are
Our mission
We are a company dedicated to the progress of science and education. How we do it? we can help you to find solutions to challenges that you have to face when conducting your scientific research.
A society can only be fully developed through science and education. Our mission is to help other scientists to extract useful information from their data and create knowledge and develop tools for science education.