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BioSEaD, LLC  is focused on services to help science development.  BioSEaD LLC  offers consulting and collaboration in a number of areas including algorithm development for systems pharmacology and physiology, data processing and analysis (EEG, ECG, EMG and other parameters) and educational software development.
  1. Telemetry Data Processing
    We can help you to analyze large quantity of data using customized algorithms.
  2. Data Analysis
    The correlation between multiple analysis parameters is crucial depending on your study. We can help you to make a combined assessment of multiple parameters such as, EEG, ECG, activity, etc.
  3. Algorithm development
    When a solution is not readily available, we can work with you on the development of customized algorithms.
  4. Data management
    The storage and organization of data is crucial not only for off-line processing but also to keep legacy data intact. We can discuss the possibilities and offer solutions for long-term data storage.
  5. Educational software development
    We are working to create a connection between science education, learning and fun.
  6. Consulting
    We can help you on your study design and planning in order to achieve realistic milestones.